Accredited Sensory Needs Practitioner Training

This online full day accredited training is designed to upskill staff in schools (to deliver a range of interventions for children with sensory processing difficulties (including sensory circuits). It is generally well accepted that more than 80-90% of children with autism have related sensory processing difficulties (SPD), yet waiting lists to families to see NHS Occupational Therapy can be more than 2 years in across the UK.

There is a huge demand for interventions with parents asking for support for their children displaying sensory distress, and this training course is not to replace the intervention or expertise of seeing highly specialised Occupational Therapists but to help staff in schools or settings with children that display signs of sensory distress to recognise this and to put appropriate interventions in place.

What the course covers -

  • An understanding of Sensory Processing Difficulties (SPD) and how it presents in individuals
  • Sensory integration and how sensory seeking and sensory avoiding behaviour presents itself and the complex relationship they can have
  • To understand the different senses, and the key terms used to describe the condition
  • How to recognise signs of sensory distress within individuals and how to respond in these situations
  • To gather data or profile children’s SPD needs and write a Sensory Diet taking into account the data trends gathered
  • The theory behind sensory diet and how to plan your own sessions, assess and group children according to individual needs
  • The theory behind sensory circuits and how to plan your own sessions, assess and group children according to individual needs
  • Health and safety information in carrying out ‘Sensory Circuits’ as a planned intervention
  • Additional specific sensory issues that need to be considered whilst profiling and designing interventions
  • Practicalities of setting up an intervention and the role of a ‘sensory needs’ practitioner in your setting

Price- £250 per person

Bookings can be-

One day on-line, four x2 hour evenings, or whole setting/school in person

Booking- email