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Who is BSensory?

Beth Kitchen

SPD and ASC Educational Consultant

Beth has over 18 years experience in specialist education working in a variety of settings over the years.

Beth has advanced qualifications in Autism and Sensory Processing Difficulties, as well as being a trained in dance movement psychotherapy and is a trained Rebound Therapist.

Beth works all over the country advising schools and settings on the inclusion of children/young adults with autism, associated difficulties, SEMH needs and sensory processing difficulties.

Beth is a self-confessed autism and sensory processing geek and is passionate about training people in this area. Beth has been nominated by the CPD group for trainer of the year 2023 and is definitely a woman on a mission to change the UK’s outlook on SPD and Neurodiversity

If you would like more information or guidance on use of the website, please email contact@bsensory.org